Poro: the most adorable creature ever

You know how you always wished for that adorable, fluffy bunny, well, behold the upgrade: the poro!

This creature is around fluff ball that loves sweet cookies. Its white fur coat protects it in the cold winter, and its huge tongue is ready to lick your face. Loyal, loving, the poro can grow a moustache when in contact with Braum, a special champion. 



Kayle is beautiful

Isn’t Kayle pretty? She is my favourite League of Legends champion. She is the Judicator, bringing justice where her sister Morgana, brings terror. She is warrior of light, and her values are truth, justice and honesty. A great hero to look up to, no?

And also a great desktop background =P


In these images, Kayle is wearing her shiny golden armor, which is a characteristic of the warrior that she is. Her wings are those of the angel of justice, and they are immensely powerful, allowing her and her heavy gold suit to soar way over her opponents. Here, she is represented in her classic skin, in both the regular and Chinese versions.


800px-Kayle_OriginalSkin_Ch kayle-4.11

Personally, I believe that due to the anime style predominant in Asia, the Chinese skins are more detailed and prettier, but it all depends on the viewer. Some criticize them for they do not represent the essence of the champion, but more of the artistic swaying of the creator, but hey, who can ever complain about the beauty of the lighting in these images?

league-of-legends-splash-art-game-kayle-get-199562 kayle_classic__3

Kayle may seem menacing, but she definitely has sweet features. From the golden blonde hair to the soft cream wings, there is a certain angelic prestance in her attire. Even though metal-clad, a certain softness permeates thanks to the red scarf she bears, alongside the royal gold and ruby of her armor. And the sparkles don’t really help make her menacing either.

kayle-classic-updated league_of_legends_kayle_1280x800_wallpaper_Wallpaper_2560x1600_www.wall321.com

Which one is your favourite? Mine is definitely the last one, the classic Kayle chinese artwork skin. (It probably is obvious since she is my header and avatar too =P)