Okay, so this year, in robotics, we have chosen as theme Tron. Tron Legacytron_legacy_by_seb29270-d43fngv is the movie we are inspiring ourselves from, and it features hero Sam Flynn, orphan who grew up with his grandparents after his father mysteriously disappeared. That father was actually the head of a big communications and software company, and he was working on this game that could, as he said, redefine the boundaries of the universe, with him breaking the digital frontier and entering in the game. Of course, he said this as stories, and no one truly believed him, except his son. So the day his dad’s old friend and associate lets him know of the old arcade his father used to own, Sam goes to investigate. He soon discovers a secret passage to his dad’s office, where a server is still running, twenty years after the place wGym Flat Renderas left to the rats. He manages to decipher the encryption, and soon enough he is transported into that same game which has been holding his father prisoner. That world is a dark dystopic universe depicting what a future perfect world could be like. And that is exactly what we took as theme, for it perfectly suits a robotics team, with all the advanced technology and software, the 3D imaging opportunities, the simple but adaptable plot, and of course, the aesthetics. Sleek, dark, with neon lighting, Tron has a supernatural feel to Copy of Gym Render 10it, and with the competencies of our team, I feel like this year, we have a great chance of winning in most categories, or of at least being amongst the top teams. What is also insane, is that our video captain is an extremely good graphics designer and creator, and he is able to Tron-ify pretty much anything. He simply 3D models it, and then personalizes the settings to suit the image he has in his mind. I am so stoked for how our website and video will look like. Now we just need to get a good kiosk, cool costumes and a robot that works, and hopefully things will work out great!


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