Taemin??? That’s you????

Taemin, the makringdingdongnae (youngest) of SHINee (a five-member south korean boy group sensation) just came out with his first solo album, called Ace. His main song is called Danger, and he just came out with the MV for the title track. Oh my goodness, I don’t know what to say… I loved Taemin for being the cute, innocent, well behaved, respectful, slightly mischievous maknae. Now, he is Taeman, going shirtless, with dark makeup, and I’m not too sure I like it. Look at him! He went from this, this cute poodle-hair smiling boy, to this vampire-like rebellious man, trying to be somber and dark and menacing. Really??? Really??? Wow SM, I thought I could trust you, and now you give us this???? I’m sad. For tumblr_inline_na6490KKGQ1qaxvukreal. And disappointed. (SM being SM Entertainment, his label company, one of the big three with YG and JYJ, the three dominating music industry companies.) Anyways, so yes, his image changed, but now even the song is meh. It features not Taemin’s voice, but a machine altering his beautiful voice to create something that even I could pull off. Well, the singing part is nice, and I could feel a little of Taemin come back, but really, it is not that amazing. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8m2JIDjKU Oh yes, and half of the time, he is just doing all these Jonghyun-style poses and walks with that look-at-my-swagger-even-though-I-don’t-have-any-and-just-look-ridiculous style. Anyways, this, overall, was just a terrible flop to me. 


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