My doily story

I have fallen in love with the concept of doilies. I grew up always seeing them in my grandmother’s house, and seeing her shakingly crochet her way through smaller projects. As I got older, she initiated me to crochet and taught me the beauty of this needlework, and I slowly opened myself up to the idea of having this as a hobby. However, high school came with its load of projects and activities, and I slowly let my crochet slide. Even during the summer, I worked, so I never took it up. However, once in cegep, the numerous breaks allowed me to renew with my passion for this ancestral art. i eased back into it with a couple smaller projects, like cases and scarves and so forth, to finally hook up with my first love, doilies (hehe saw what I did there? hook? crochet? okay I’ll stop, but still was good eh? eh? hihi).$_35

So, I slowly started with a few small glass cosies, for I had found one of my grandma’s old pattern pamphlet (oh my gosh that booklet is like three time my age, no kidding) and it featured a few small pattens. Doesn’t the pamphlet look oooold? So yeah, I managed to decipher the old yellowed paper and get a few of those done, but it wasn’t enough. Some of the patterns were for knitting or for tatting, so those were out of question, and some of the other patterns were so, soooo… old? out of fashion? So yeah, I haaaad to find new patterns, or my lace crochet career would soon be over. Luckily, I was able to find Yes, i know I sound like I was paid by them to advertise or something, but this comes from the genuinety (so not a word lol) of my heart.

Aaaanyways, so once I signed up on Ravelry, I got access to thousands of patterns, including hundreds of (free) doily patterns. Commence shopping! *squeals* So I basically copied a bunch of patterns and placed them in a Pages document (too fancy for Word =P) , which are now my waiting list for the next five years, seeing how slow I am. So yeah, doilies are pretty and fun, easy to carry around to make in the train or bus, and are quite long, so they develop patience, and the repetitive pattern really is a great way to meditate.

Doily lovers, together, let’s unite!



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