Ravelry.com, possibly the best site for crocheters and knitters?

Okay, so we all know that I love crochet and other yarn arts, as I call them. Well, I may be above average with my crochet, but that definitely does not mean that I have the patience, skill and imagination to create beautiful patterns. Of course, I can manage to make simple things that require hardly any thinking (flowers, little cases, scarves, etc.), but try and make some lace without pattern? Yeah, no thanks.

However, to all those with the same problem as me, this is the solution to all your problems: ravelry.com. This site simply needs a free sign-up only requiring an email that will solely be used to confirm your signup, and is the proud categorizer of thousands of patterns. From crochet to knitting, every pattern is categorized, including free and less free patterns, as well as by the diverse techniques, the yarns, the types of project, and so forth. You want a 1.5mm hook doily themed with the pineapple stitch? You got it. You want loose knitted leg warmers? A touch on the keyboard, and voilà!

Frankly, I am not surprised that the thousands of users are very happy with this site, for not only does it have this immense library of patterns, but it also provides a space for discussion, for your own projects, for browsing other users projects, and so forth. frankly, now that I discovered ravelry, I don’t know how I didn’t find out about it earlier. 


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